I used an SAE #2 bellhousing on the transmission, SAE #2 flywheel housing with left hand starter (SAE #1 starter mount) for the Cummins, 14” flywheel, 14” pull-type medium duty clutch with clutch brake. Some of these vehicles may be involved in a recall for this issue. 4 5. 27mm ½ Drive socket for the crankshaft bolt. On the Hondas and Toyotas I have worked on, no where in the shop manual does it state to use Loctite on the caliper bracket to knuckle bolts or on the caliper assembly to bracket bolts. I also use some loctite on the bolts to make sure they don't vibrate loose. As with all engines, rebuilding the 4. To increase mounting bracket design flexibility, I selected one of the Cummins SAE 3 bell housings that offered the most mounting versitility. 1. Get Special Offers, New Product Announcements and more! 1. Cummins ISX Flywheel Impact Socket 3/4. when the shop did my motor swap he re-used the old flywheel bolts and put red loctite on them. For use with 5. The bolts I purchased are 11221717840 (M12X1,5X28) Single-mass flywheel is the under 15 pound M30 533i/M5 11221271463. The engine , however, was reduced from the 7. /lbs. , COLUMBIA, SC 29203. Whether you need an in-frame or complete overhaul kit, we carry only high quality kits guaranteed to meet OEM specifications and shipped with a one-year warranty. Install bottom disc, insure flywheel side is toward engine. Some of the disassembly is easier with the motor in the frame, making the motor lighter and easier to remove from the frame. These specifications are meant as a general guide, and MuscularMustangs. I just haven't decided whether to clean the anti-seize out of the crank threads and use blue loctite or continue to use anti-seize. (122 Nm)). e. Flywheel housing mounting bolts 15 ft. Flywheel bolt is responsible for making sure that the flywheel is in good working shape and retains its proper place. lbs. Find your oil filter and trace it to the oil cooler assembly. When I tried to lift the head some, to see if it was loose, it wouldn't budge. 10 Nm 89 lb in. Slowly tighten bolts in a cross pattern and torque to factory specifications. , loosen 180 degrees, then loosen another 180 degrees, torque to 31 ft. Street Clutch Sets. 9L DIESEL Flywheel Bolt with Washer- Installation [1] Please check the part-number(s) for your application against the part-number(s) listed on the instruction sheet. Used red loctite and so far I have not had any issues with it shaking loose. Weight-wise, its heavy. Why does L19 material require special handling? Like most high-strength quench and temper steels, L19 requires special care to avoid Jun 10, 2012 · That's what I removed and it was used in the 80's and earlier. ARP 147-2902 Flexplate Bolt Kit PRW 1835910 Xtreme Duty SFI-Rated Internal Balance 152 Teeth Steel Flexplate for Dodge Cummins 5. is the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer and is a major supplier to defense agencies around the world including the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and US government. Summit Racing SUM-770383 Starter Bolts, Fits Cummins to GM Bellhousing, Kit. 18 hours ago · CUMMINS N14 Flywheel Housin, part #3074381. 1-89 NO. e. We offer the following Cummins flywheels: Cummins Flywheel 119548 Call 1-800-437-3609 Agkits. Rod Bearing Torque: Used Bolts: 52 ft/lbs + 60 Degrees \ New Bolts: 29 ft/lbs, Loosen, Re-Torque 52 ft/lbs, +60 Degrees Main Bearing Torque: Before engine serial number 79012120, 110 ft/lbs + 110 Degrees / After engine serial number 79012120, 300 ft/lbs, loosen, 300 ft/lbs + 90 Degrees Intake Valve Lash . Cookie policy Please allow us to set Cookies. Tightening a bolt too much can damage the component it is View and Download CUMMINS N14 shop manual online. They're much stronger than OEM hardware, are forged from aerospace alloy, and are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. The guy before me shot some grey paint on the flywheel. 51601- Note #2: Use Loctite 272 (blue) during installation. Once all 8 bolts are covered with loctite and screwed in, torque all of them down in a star pattern to 45 ft lbs. ARP2000 is an alloy steel that has a tensile strength of 220,000 PSI. ARP offers two styles of Flywheel bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200,000 psi rating and High Performance, with a 180,000 psi rating. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases www. Mustang Torque Specifications Specs: Below are torque specs for 5. It's important that the Loctite only gets on the threads of the bolt, and not between the flywheel and crank, or bolt head and flywheel. 9 diesel and utilizes the stock slave cylinder, clutch arm, and release bearing. PLANETARY PRODUCTS PARTS PRICE LIST FEB 1-89 NO. Check for leaks around the ends where the oil cooler attaches to the engine or at the o-rings in the center of the cooler. Belt Tensioner Mounting. 3 Powerstroke diesel. Powergrip Performance Clutch Sets. Rotate 180 degrees. perfectionclutch 219,457 views. Belt Tensioner Flat Bracket. This bellhousing comes with a new pilot bushing for both the 2WD and 4WD applications. ARP Flywheel Bolt Kit - 5. I think with the instance in which I had bolts back out I had forgotten to loctite 'em. 00 Depending upon the car I sometimes use Loc Tite or a sealer on some flywheel bolts, some head bolts, etc as they may protrude into the crankcase or water jacket of the engine block. Our answers are easy - all engines, whether they are single or dual cylinder models produce vibration, and this vibration will loosen bolts and nuts over time. (Loctite®, or similar product) DO WHICH LOCTITE TO USE By Henry Zwolak Many of the questions that we answer at RCGF Aero Products is about the use of Loctite. If it takes a 1/2" wrench on the torque converter bolts their 5/16" so 22. -Flywheel -Head, Cylinder -Intake Manifold-Oil Pan-Osco Manifold-Powerhead -Starter -Timing Cover-Timing Gear -Trailer Spring Suspension -U-Bolts Borg Warner / Velvet Drive-Transmission Parts-Couplers -Damper Plates Parts Breakdowns-72C -5000 Series -Hurth Specifications-72C Inline -5000 Series-V-Drive Bow Guards, Trailer: Bow Rollers, Trailer flywheel must be able to sit absolutely flat on the crank mounting surface, with no evidence of rocking. For example – on the Subaru EJ253 2. Find ARP Pro Series Flywheel Bolts 330-2802 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These Pro series flywheel bolts from ARP give you all that you need to bolt in your flywheel with confidence. It shows flex plat bolts as having a shallow head (12 point) and flywheel bolts have a smaller diameter, but deeper head? Do I have the wrong bolts or do the ARP flyweheel bolts also have shallow heads? Nov 15, 2007 · I put red loctite in the threads of the crankshaft. Powergrip HD Clutch Sets. 0 X 5 M 1/4" - 28 8. It dropped down onto the spigot while spinning and the ring gear dug a 3/4 inch groove through all the ribs on the inside of the bell housing. Subscribe  28 May 2015 Cummins NV4500 South Bend Dual Disc Clutch Upgrade - Holding After a liberal dose of red Loctite, the flywheel bolts get torqued to 95 ft-lb  1 Jul 2011 The OEM flywheel installed behind the 6. lbs Welcome IH, Farmall, International Harvester Fans and Enthusiasts. Complete Clutch Systems. 50 Nm 37 lb ft. It weakens it. joshranwest July 6, 2016, 5:41am #9. 9 AAZ is finally off the stand and ready for the new TDI flywheel and VR6 Sachs clutch. 027" Cold Serrated flange bolts primed with Loctite 7471 plus a liberal application of Loctite 266 should result in a reliable solution. 4 2WD Shorty - Scattered Everywhere 05 True Blue Harley - Holders 205/75s, DieselSite HPODS, Alradco Intercooler, MPD Log Manifolds & Vbanded T4 Uppipes, SXE-369, MPD Cooler Plate W/ Fluidyne Cooler, Van Filter, & Improved Racing Tstat, Custom Reverse Feed Fuel System W/ Fuelab Pump, Absolute Apex, O-Ringed Heads, Extreme Studs, RCD Cam, Pushrods The stack of parts is pretty tall, not ideal, but it should work fine. 024 in] Check/set valves with engine cold - below 60°C [140°F]. makes sense if it didnt have loctite on Cummins Signature ISX15 and QSX15 Main Bearing Bolts. Weld a handle on the sleeve so you don't hurt yourself and drill it straight. Order Starter Bolts, Shims & Hardware for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. 0 liter requires careful attention to detail. Depend on Diesel Parts Direct for supplies that keep your machinery running like new. 5L naturally aspirated engine, a torque specification for a single bolt is to tighten to 22 ft. 2. (Alternator Shaft) Alternator Link (Delco 10 SI) Alternator Link (Delco 15 SI) Alternator Link (Delco 20-27 SI) Alternator Mounting Bolt (10-15 SI) Alternator Mounting Bolt (20-27 SI) Alternator Mounting Bracket. 4 Tech. N14 Series. Align clutch disc (pressure plate side up) with proper alignment tool. 25 17 12 26 19 36 27 5/16" - 24 17 13 26 19 37 27 M 8 X 1 18 13 28 Find great 4L80E and tech information from Global Transmission Parts. i recently had my motor replaced cuz my flywheel came loose and blew the oil pump and scored the main bearings and crankshaft. When one of your flywheel bolts is missing, it will cause other bolts to loosen up. 7L Cummins in Dodge Once you have it perfect, cover the other bolts with red loctite, insert them. Oct 10, 2014 · yes remachine all mating areas that were loose and then blue loc tight the bolts when reinstalled. thanks everyone so much for the advice!! I was just paranoid and now I feel better. 00+. The flywheel helps the engine crankshaft to make turns smoothly, even when there's no power applied. m] IN-LB [N. 200-300 SERIES TORQ. SALES AND APPLICATIONS DATA VOL. I once had all the bell housing bolts back out on a VT-903 that I couldn't feel a miss on, but turned out to have a piston with a crack in it. , then 51 ft. m] 4 40 48 32 40 32 Products by Category - Marine Parts Source 00! I've removed the drive plate to flywheel bolts, the head to flywheel housing bolts, and the head to skid mounting point bolts. If you would like a quote on a Cummins flywheel, contact us by calling 1-573-468-3840 or filling out the form below. Posted 3/18/2016 07:15 (#5183567 - in reply to #5183425) Subject: RE: 855 cummins broken flywheel bolts Central Iowa hillfarmer - 3/18/2016 05:04 SO the "spring brake" must be working if it released after the air was reapplied to it must be a small problem yet, to find Try to not "yank" on bolts--this leads to rounded bolts, broken off bolt heads, cracked sockets and motorcycles, engine blocks, transmissions, etc slipping off their supports. Never even considered torqueing them. Special thanks to crackeregg for making these documents available in a digital format (saved me a lot of typing!). Re: Loctite on Flywheel Bolts [ Re: ourfamo4 ] #1283754 11/15/08 11:58 AM Joined: May 2003 89-03 5. . Musclecar Clutch Sets. That's what I use and haven't had any problems. Heads, flywheel bolts, rods, mains, stuff like that gets torqued. 25,uhl . C4 Conversion Kits. Flywheel/Flexplate bolts (M8) 11 ft. Remove the flywheel. 8. sales@powerlinecomponents. 2K likes. Install the manual belt tensioner assembly. Details. #N#Camshaft bolt step 1. I put permatex thread sealer on the bolt, starting 3/8" from the beginning of the threaded end of the bolt. Any damage to the vehicle or injury resulting from usage of these materials is 100% the Jan 31, 2012 · You are correct about the sprung clutch direction, the recess should be a non-issue. d. - YouTube. Listed below are the general torque recommendations for bulk 5-packs and engine/accessory fasteners. Years ago, I had a 383. Connecting Rod Step 1. Likely a few weeks yet. it was quite simple apiece of 1x6flat bar that would reach across the flywheel plus 3in. For land mechanical drilling applications, we offer a complete lineup of diesel engines from 185 – 2500 Dodge Ram Pickup Torque Specs. 6L, 3. 75P x 40mm ( Torque to 92 ft. 12mm wrench starter battery lug 17mm wrench starter motor mounting bolts. They have a black oxide finish to help resist rust and corrosion, and include the washers needed for a quick and safe installation. X2 on the flywheel bolts being loose. Install flywheel on engine. Install the flywheel. Application: DODGE/CUMMINS 5. ARP Head Stud Kit, Cummins 4BT 3. it is tightened through M8-8. Roll over image to zoom in. 8L, and 2. I was VERY relived to find it being just that The new flywheel is positioned on the end of the crankshaft and red Loctite squeezed onto the threads of the new bolts before installation. Turbo­chargers. The old hole will actually help you keep it straight. Alternator Support (Upper) Balancer Mounting -- Step 1. 9 and M12-12. The connecting position of oil sump and cylinder block, gear case cover and lower bottom surface of rear seal cover are coated with Loctite 5910. However, the majority of that weight is much closer to the crank centerline, so additional rotational inertia is minimized. Some blocks have the head bolt holes drilled completely through the decks, in this case, use either 3M weatherstrip adhesive (they call it monkey snot around here) or thread sealer. The 4WD kits also include a crossmember mount and transfer case shifter bracket. Nov 19, 2008 · Yeh, like I mentioned I had a flywheel come loose once. By Freightrain - 4 Years Ago: Took the flywheel to work Sunday morning and got the holes opened up. ARP: 147-2802 Flywheel bolts and oil pan bolts crankshaft pulley bolts and engine bolts definitely get loctite, but sometimes you need to go the otherway and use Antiseize. N14 engine pdf manual download. 0 resto in process I belive 75 foot pounds for the bolts in a star pattern and the blocks of wood are there to help with the trans install by keeping the throw out bearing centered they will fall out when you depress the clutch the first time. 3L Mustangs. Fasteners for domestic and import engines OEM style cylinder head bolts and performance type ARP brand bolts / studs and fasteners ARP Main Stud Kit #230-5401 Cross Bolts 90 lb ft ARP Flywheel Bolts #230-2901 150 lb ft This is the site for the UK project to marinize automotive Cummins diesel engines primarily to create a cost effective, fuel efficient, replacement power package for the ageing Perkins T6. Only difference is that the green was designed to cure in a tightly-sealed area. Then remove the first 4 bolts one at a time, cover them with loctite, and reinsert them. This is done to clear the 1989-2009 Dodge Ram Cummins Mopar A518, 47RE, or 48RE transmission torque converter bolt. (you will find sticker Need to get the holes in the flywheel drilled out this week(and new bolts purchased). com Part Number: 147-2802 Application: DODGE/CUMMINS 5. High-pressure oil pump mounting bolts 18 ft. ) Attach driver handle, J 8092 , onto the setting tool, J 42722–1 . Attach the improved vent line and tighten securely. Apr 18, 2015 · A flywheel holding tool is suggested for this step, though you can also have an assistant insert a pry bar into the flywheel/flexplate’s teeth (as may have been done during disassembly). Drilled the crank and installed 3 more bolts and went to HP brand flywheel bolts made for top fuel dragsters. PDF. These bolts feature an exclusive, flat 12-point Find RAM Flywheel Bolts 575 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Ram flywheel bolts are just what the doctor ordered to connect your flywheel to your engine. Jul 04, 2006 · I've always used red locktite for good measure on flexplate/flywheel bolts, never had them back out. 1 Website. 66. Price: $15. BULLETIN TCH-013-011 MODULATOR CHANGEOVER. Our technicians tell us that an updated bolt may be available. 9L DIESEL. Obviously I am going to follow the directions for installing the coupling, but I still have some questions The flywheel on my engine had rust on it before I bought it. 5. 5 through 2002 for non-Dodge application. Oil sump has two structural forms: cast and steel-punched. 2 GPM Shower Drain Pump SKU: JABSCO-50880-1000. 61 mm [0. My transmission is a quadbox, duplex or triplex ( not sure how to tell), it runs a single disk clutch, the 5 speed bell housing is deeper (to accept a 2 disk clutch)and the bolts are actually differnt size to. SALES BRIEF 3-78 NO. So things torque is critical, some things it ain't. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 15 Million Engines. a longer arm for greater torque). It also has 8 flywheel bolts and includes two dowel pin holes for flywheel location. CAN DISPLAY OPERATION MANUAL. Looking back we were lucky the damn thing didn't go through the tunnel. Quality Overhaul Kits. There is a flywheel-specific loctite available, it has the same properties as the blue loctite, including its melting point (300F). Cummins ISX (Stock #P-139 (ISX flywheel housing NEW)) Engines & Engine Parts / Flywheel Housings $900. Remove 3 bolts holding center plate NOTE: SHIM PACK includes 1 large shim and 1-3 small shims (each clutch varies slightly) and 1 bolt W/lock washer – DO NOT lose shims. ft Step 2 = Rotate 180 degrees This is a question that I have had for quite some time. [2] Position the chamfered side of the washer on the bolt so it faces the bolt head. OEM Clutch Sets. I found the long through-bolts from the end bell side to the flywheel housing. Most aftermarket torque converters only use 6 bolts. 46044, Mirror Freightliner - Heated, Black 8" x 8. 0-liter monster of the 1960s and early-1970s to 5. Colour: ARP 1472802 Flywheel Bolt Kit for Dodge Cummins. 9L diesel engines used in Dodge trucks Automotive auto shop hand tools Cummins engines are renowned for their reliability. 6 11 8 16 12 8 436597. for aluminum bells. My Mcleod flywheel came with a paper than shows the difference between flex plate bolts and flywheel bolts. 10957 E. Apex Tool Company, Inc. The application is a 350 Chevy motor and a TH350 Chevy trans. 1 SAE Fastener Torque Chart (Continued) Values for Zinc Yellow Chromate Fasteners SAE GRADE 8 (HEX HD) BOLTS & GRADE 8 NUTS* Torque (Dry or Loctite® 263) K= 0. Hope to have most of the stuff all bolted on and ready for installation. The stack with adapters is pushing 45lbs. Dec 01, 2009 · Photo 9/18 | 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Upgrade flywheel | Then the flywheel was bolted into place (with Loctite), and the flywheel bolts were torqued between 95 to 100 ft-lb. This will keep loctite from getting between the flywheel and the face of the crank. 5" - LH/RH, Lower Head Damaged and worn cast iron and aluminum engine blocks have long been repaired using dry sleeves. 354 engines found in many classic motor boats such as the early Fairey Huntsman and Swordsman. , turn an additional 80-90 degrees, all bolts another 40-45 degrees, and finally the center bolts another 40-45 degrees. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. Mar 01, 2017 · Installing the flywheel, pilot bushing, clutch, and pressure plate on a 350 chevy small block for a 1966 Impala. WORM GEAR PRODUCTS FEB. Step 1 = 149 Nm, 110 lb. Cylinder head bolts - 40 Nm each + 90 degree each + 90 degree each Camshaft bearing cap bolts - 10 Nm Exhaust manifold nuts - 25Nm Crankshaft main bearing bolts - 65 Nm each + 90 degree each Spark plug - 30 Nm Front axle nuts (follow step by step) Vehicles with 12-point nut 200 Nm then loosen 1/2 turn Turn hub 180 degrees 50 Nm + 60 degree 4965569, Cummins Seal & Spacer Kit - Flywheel, M6 x 1 x 25 Newest Additions 563. Here's a quick video on 7. All specs are taken from Helms/GM documentation for a 2000 Model F-body. my college instructor built a tool to bolt to the flywheel and would recut the bell hsg. Didnt put loctite on them one time, I did torque them though. It shows flex plat bolts as having a shallow head (12 point) and flywheel bolts have a smaller diameter, but deeper head? Do I have the wrong bolts or do the ARP flyweheel bolts also have shallow heads? Oct 03, 2009 · 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup w/ 5. 3M INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR Balmar 621 ALTERNATOR WITH SERPENTINE BELT KIT. DO NOT USE RED Loctite. All things 1st gen cummins tech, how-to, performance, rebuilds, truck builds, and some bullshit along the way. Connecting Rod -- Step1. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model May 27, 2010 · flywheel spinning but motor not cranking cause the flywheel is held by 7 or 6 bolts witch is weird in my opinion on there tightened it on to tourque with loctite. With the metric engine like the E7 I Bolts will back out of an engine that has a slight miss in it because of the vibrations. Replacing as necessary and properly The flywheel is fastened on cylinder block with M10-12. THIS ENGINE REQUIRES RACING OIL THAT CONTAINS 1200 PPM (parts … Loctite 242 Flywheel bolts 75-80 Loctite 242 or dry-seal Vibration damper bolt 90 Engine oil Oil pump to block 28-35 Loctite 242 Oil pickup tube to main stud 28-35 Loctite 242 Cam bolt 40-45 Loctite 242 Cam retainer plate bolt 9-12 Loctite 242 Tappet guide retainer 9-12 Loctite 242 Oil pickup tube to oil pump … Apply Loctite® pipe sealant with Teflon P/N: 23509542, or equivalent, to the 3/8 in. This site is owned by the Red Power Magazine. Torque Values Chart for Common Bolt Sizes in-tpi1 N · m2 ft-lb3 N · m ft-lb N · m ft-lb mm x pitch4 N · m ft-lb N · m ft-lb N · m ft-lb 1/4" - 20 7. arp-bolts. Mercruiser Trim Sender Limit Kit SKU: SIERRA-18-7633. On a castellated nut the bolt is drill after the nut so the bolt is not weaken any. com. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Here is my look at drilling heads of bolts. 5 6 13 10 18 14 M 6 X 1 7 5 11 8 15 11 5/16” - 18 15 11 24 17 33 25 M 8 X 1. I've seen way to many ruined clutch brakes from over greasing Dodge Cummins 5. I sheared off the 4 bolts and the dowel pin. A1 Racing Products carries a large inventory of performance racing products like: A-1 Racing Products, A-1 Performance Plumbing, Simpson Race Products, Longacre Racing, Wilwood Performance Brakes, Kirkey Racing Seats, Bicknell Racing Products, Canton Racing Products, Pro Shocks, Outlaw Disc Brakes, Moroso, Hawk Brake, Performance Friction Brakes, ATL Fuel Cells, Howe Racing, Hypercoil Springs Northstar Engine Torque Specs. Tools Required: 10mm,12mm, 14mm, 17mm, sockets & #8 Allen Wrench for alternator mounting bracket. 5 for Dodge and 1997. c. Oil Filter | Kohler 359771 SKU: KOHLER-359771. This crankshaft was used from 1997. When the Dodge-Cummins pickups came on the scene, the light-duty truck market was changed forever. If you use loctite on the flywheel bolts (I do), fasten the flywheel down with a few of the old bolts first (I mark them with crayon) and then install the new loctited bolts replacing the old bolts as you go along. Always use ARP Ultra-Torque ® and follow the instructions below to Jun 29, 2005 · 1995 Volvo 850 Transmission replacement Do at your own risk What you need Flex plate bolts (10) or Permatex Sealant 59235 if reusing the old ones Torque converter torx bolts (6) or Loctite (blue) if reusing the old ones Control arm to sub-frame nuts/bolts (4) mine were heavily deformed Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Automotive Replacement Engine Main Bolts & Studs store. 6. Air Injection Reaction (AIR) Pipe-to-Exhaust Manifold Bolts. You will need the flywheel, flywheel housing, and starter from a dodge 5. Image not available for. 33 Nm 24 lb ft. Using Special Tool 7471-B Crankshaft Barring Tool, rotate the crankshaft to align the timing marks on the crankshaft and the camshaft gears. A/C Compressor Bracket Bolts. description: arp-147-7301 chrysler torque converter bolts fit,nag1 five speed automatic w/production converter,thread m8-1. 0L, 4. Cummins ISX and QSX Engine Parts Get everything you need to keep Cummins ISX and QSX engines operating smoothly at Diesel Parts Direct . And to this day, I have never had an issue with Alternator Pulley. This is a brand new, never been used beauty! With the transmission secured, I went about gathering the rest of the parts required for the swap – a Cooper S flywheel, pressure plate and clutch, release bearing, starter, output shafts, slave cylinder, clutch line, transmission mount, shift cable tower and The barring gear inserts into the flywheel housing and engages the flywheel ring gear. Also for: N14 celect plus, N14330e. It was pretty lame of a certain poster to simply say "read the book" when he obviously had the torque values memorized. You may want to get an injector cut out test, and check the dampner. In Figure 4 you’ll notice the slightly different relief as well as other differences. 6 bolts are needed if you are running a stock converter. So I plan on using the supplied bolts again, making sure the torque is correct (what is the general opinion about 270 in-lbs for 8mm bolts?) and using high temp Loctite. Dodge Truck, Jeep 3-piece timing set. 5 and 35mm long NV4500 installs: An NV4500 from a diesel powered application works the best for 4BTs. These 1st Gen Cummins Tech, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Price is PER bolt. 700. 8 bolts. 8,t5 fuel injected 92 engine-72 Maverick 5. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. I was 15 at the time an had just did a full engine rebuilt(my first Vw diesel) in my dad's caddy and after maybe a 100 miles they worked loose. Removing the Motor from an F650 Classic The idea of this FAQ is to explain how to remove the motor from an F650 with the intention of disassembling it further. com will not be held responsible for any errors or typos. Sometimes I wonder whether you should be putting loctite on brake caliper bolts or antiseize. 25:35. 9 Cummins 1989-2004-Flywheel bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race vehicles and street machines. HDX Performance Clutch Sets. A break-in period of 500 miles is strongly recommended. Nov 15, 2007 · I managed to shear my bolts off--which left us stranded obviously. lbs. It is a source of information about our bi-monthly publication; and a place for IH enthusiasts to exchange and share information. Fits: 98-04 (5. 1-800-365-2233 The best source of Cummins engine parts and service information! Second only to your local Cummins service shop! When you register, you may view information specific to your Cummins Engine, including: Your Owners Manual, the Parts Catalog for Your Engine Serial Number, Engine Dataplate Information for Your Engine. 9 bolts. Find RAM Flywheel Bolts 575 May 14, 2016 · Rusty Flywheel Ready to install my new Centa CFR Torsional Coupling on my early 1990´s Cummins 6BT 210. Once you have it perfect, cover the other bolts with red loctite, insert them into the flywheel, and tighten them down to match the first 4 bolts. We have the best part and the fastest shipping online! Contact our excellent customer service team if you have any questions! No products in the cart. Clutch University. High-pressure oil line connector (cylinder head) 19 ft. 45-49 ft-lb. NEVER red though. Have a few things on the truck to tidy up before putting motor in. This is a FREE web site. State Road 7 Columbus, IN 47203. They are both heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, feature an exclusive, flat, 12-point head design and larger than stock shank diameter for increased Once had a flywheel bolt back out so I now make sure that I use a bit of blue loctite on installation. Remove starter . Remove the gear cover-to-housing bolts and gently pry the cover away from the housing, taking care not to mar the sealing surfaces. b. After a 32-year absence, Chrysler made the HEMI engine available again during the 2003 production year. To find out more about the Cookies we use, social media plug-ins and web tracking please visit our Cookie Information Page and the Data Protection Statement. Shim Pack e. Camshaft Thrust Plate. Belt Tensioner to Bracket. Accelerator Control Cable Bracket Nut. New, improved and lighter Powerglide Ultra-Case! Please excuse us while we're in the process of building our new web store. I don't know if they were over torqued or if it was because I reused them. Flywheel Bolt with Washer- Installation. The flywheel is constructed I agree. We HIGHLY recommend the use of RED loctite when installing these Necessary to use locktight on clutch/flywheel bolts? I was curious if anyone uses locktight on their flywheel/clutch pressure plate bolts? I installed a new clutch and flywheel a couple weeks ago and have been wondering if I should have used locktight on the pressure plate bolts since they only torque to 12-13 ft/lbs. The engine was originally used only in Dodge’s pickup truck line, but it was quickly adapted for use in a May 28, 2015 · After a liberal dose of red Loctite, the flywheel bolts get torqued to 95 ft-lb. I presume this would preclude mixing of the two agents. 9 Cummins Flywheel Bolt Kit $ 63. Many crankshafts have holes for the flywheel that do not go all the way through. Don’t forget to line up all your red marks on the clutch pack before using the included alignment tool to mesh The factory service manual says 55 ft. 4. A/C Compressor Bolts. Buy ARP 1472802 Flywheel Bolt Kit for Dodge Cummins: Bolts - Amazon. Oil leak from the oil cooler seals. 3 oil cooler removal and reseal: Ford 7. The crankshaft bolts are tightened to 102 ft-lb in a cross pattern, beginning at 30 ft-lb and moving up to 70 ft-lb before the final torque. The 1998 Jeep Cherokee was available with a 6-cylinder 4. I got ARP bolts that state the torque setting is 75ft lbs For the flexplate to the motor. Alternator Link (Delco 15-20-27 SI) Alternator Mounting Bolt 15 SI. The heads are shallow 12 points. com is your online source heavy duty engine parts for your truck & tractor. 20 Nm 15 lb ft. How to Install ARP Main Cap Studs Serious race engine builders mostly use high strength ARP studs to anchor the main caps. Torque is 47 ft lb and I used blue loctite. Remove bottom disc 4. 6034 | 201 BUSINESS PARK BLVD. These are for a manual flywheel will not work for automatic flexplate. After cleaning up the tin cover that fits between the flywheel and bell-housing and bolting it on with the three small bolts - the TDI flywheel hits the tin cover. Aslo if there 10 The new flywheel is positioned on the end of the crankshaft and red Loctite squeezed onto the threads of the new bolts before installation. The crankshaft pulley bolt may become loose or break causing loss of power steering operation and other related engine accessories. There are some features on our websites that may not work without Cookies. Torque bolts to 101 ft lb, use blue Loctite 242. The Chevrolet 350 (5. Belt Tensioner Bracket to Block. then drill two holes to line up at say the 12 and 6 o clock positions of the Drill the crank, in the block, make up a sleeve that sits square on the crank and the helicoil bit just fits thru. Install starter spacer on starter. 7 Cummins. VIDEOS; 360° VIEW  Cummins QSC Engine - Installation and Parts BOLT - 12mm-1. using the starter. 89K subscribers. 18 Size TPI Bolt Dia In Sq In LB IN-LB [N. 86 SELECT Cummins Inc. Put a cheater bar on the socket handle (i. Also, most 302's require thread sealer on teh flexplate/flywheel bolts as well. High-pressure oil pump reservoir mounting bolts 18 ft. Likewise, to restore the cylinders to like-new dimensions, all the cylinders Schley Products 89100 Cummins 13 mm Special Offset Wrench SL89100 automotive tools to remove and install the 13mm injection pump mounting bolts and idle lock nuts found on Cummins B series 5. Torque converter bolts 6. Note that some ultra-high-performance engines such as the LSA and LS9 use an 8- or 9-bolt crankshaft flange; in this case, refer to your GM service manual. Oil Galley Steel Ball Removal - Duration: 4:21. 54 kits found for Flywheel Bolts. Custom Age is an austenitic alloy that has a tensile strength of 260-280,000 PSI, providing a greater clamping force than that of ARP 2000. will this be a permanent hold? im nervous about it coming loose again. Installing a repair sleeve can often save the block if a cylinder has excessive taper wear, or is cracked, scored or otherwise damaged, and boring out the damaged cylinder. If the bolt won't go, try these things: 1. Recommended torque is equal to 75% of the fastener's yield strength. The only thing I use loctite on is the cam gear bolts and the thrust plate bolts. Simply read down to the correct fastener size, then across to find the torque value for your application. com International: 1-307-885-4724 Flywheel Housing: 60 ± 6: 45: 10: Flywheel Dec 19, 2011 · I need torque specs for flywheel and pressure plate bolts on a cummins m-11 and clutch housing bolts for a fuller 13 - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Studs provide a more even clamping force with higher tensile strength than most bolts and they are less highly stressed in the block . One of the most important and commonly overlooked details is the engine's torque specifications. 9L Cummins & NV5600 - Clutch and Flywheel Install - Duration: 25:35. Needless to say I won't reuse bolts on my flywheel again. makes sense if it didnt have loctite on Alternator Pulley Nut. ATS torque converters sometimes have holes for 12 bolts total. Yes, I always use loctite on flywheel bolts, also make sure you torque them down to manufacture specifications. Blue lock tite is what should be used. 012 in] Exhaust clearance: 0. 9L diesel (’89-’02 steel angled cap rod only) Rod Bolt Kit 247-6303 Flywheel Bolt Kit 147-2802 This item: ARP 1472802 Flywheel Bolt Kit for Dodge Cummins $67. 9L) Dodge Cummins trucks Flywheel bolts play an important role in getting the power from your diesel Flywheel bolts reusable? 1997 F350 Crewcab Longbed 4x4 2nd gen 12v Cummins ZF5: KDP Tabbed, #0 Plate, 17* Time, 215 Engine I reuse and loctite. Specs used the second time: 3/8-16 grade 8. (This is necessary to remove the gap between the crankshaft and REPTO drive hub. Jan 24, 2018 · Figure 2 - Getrag 6-speed. I wouldn't consider safety wire because it would allow for some loosening before the wire stops it, and the wire itself isn't that strong compared to the forces of vibration. By reutilizing as much of the existing installation as possible, the cost of installation can be dramatically General Information and Specifications 2. if you don't grease your own truck you should remove the remote throwout bearing grease line in my opinion. 08 6. From main engine components to keep your Cummins ISX diesel on the road to auxiliary parts for the off-highway QSX engine we have it all. PTT recommends the use of a medium strength anaerobic thread locking compound. The starter bolts are 10Mx1. Balancer Idler Gear. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). Large numbers of Cummins-powered units. flared to 1/4 in. 5-1999. Back Mount Rack & Pinion Steering SKU: SEASTAR-SS14115. 9L diesel 2004 & earlier, 8 pieces w/ washers Flywheel Bolt Kit. ----. The Critical Difference. Jan 27, 2010 · terry, yes, the reason is the 675 was mated to a 5 speed transmission, this bellhousing is totaly different than my trans ( i want to keep). There are a few Ford crankshafts that have the flywheel bolt holes drilled all the way through which can let oil "wick" out the bolt threads. Show Full Cummins does an SAE#2 flywheel housing and flywheel for the C series, construction and automotive engines, will need a bit of checking to see if there is a flywheel and ring gear that will suit your starter, or you could use a construction engine starter. Remove dust seal with cover. Cylinder head bolts , Stainless engine fastener kits. [1] Please [3] Lubricate the threads of the bolt with LOCTITE 242 and the  The lube should be used under the head of the bolt or the bearing surface of the nut and on the threads, unless a thread sealer is used. Install the crankshaft bolts with Loctite® 262 to prevent for Cummins-powered Dodge trucks. Thus some of us are in the habit of using blue LocTite or a thread sealer on those bolts even though the great majority of crankshafts aren't made that way. 014" Cold Exhaust Valve Lash . Amp) Cummins 4B3. should I use loctite on these bolts? I then will put assemble the torque converter (after putting in a quart) to the transmission then bolt the transmission to the motor, then do I bolt the torque converter to the flexplate. 803. We have cylinder head fasteners /studs (as well as all types of engine fasteners) for gas and diesel engines . Install with 3 longer bolts (supplied) THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE INSTALLING THE FLYWHEEL . See Figure "Installation of Shims". Use this guide for quick torque references. 42, REV. Can I use Loctite or any  Be sure you clean all of the threads first, then use Blue Loctite when you install and torque the bolts. In the end, I decided to use blue loctite. Torque specifications for Cummins C series engines. Torque stock bolts to 101 ft lb, (ARP flywheel bolts to 125 ft lb), use blue Loctite 242. Clean flywheel and pressure plate surface and remove all grease, oil, or dirt prior to assembling clutch onto flywheel. 0 liter engine. NPTF straight fitting and install into the cover. Both the stock Ford 351 flywheel and the Cummins flywheel hover around 25lbs. How To – Repairing Stripped Bolts And Threads Automotive , Tool Guides There are a number of times when working on your car or home that you end up messing up the threads on a bolt or spark plug or wind up with a nut that you strip the heck out of. Remove 3 starter bolts . BOLT, flywheel housing addapter (4003685) (see note #1). CONVERTERS SA 1039E/ 3531-1, 3531-3, AND 3630-1 SERIES TORQMATIC PARTS CAT. Then install the helicoil with some loctite, don't forget to break the little tab out of it when Hello, I am swaping in a OM617 engine into my Unimog 404 the engine I purchased was from an auto and I'm going to the manual which I think is the bigger G-WAGON 228MM flywheel, and need bolt torque specs for the Manual flywheel to crank bolts and pressure plate to flywheel bolts. On that engine new they did not use Loctite but on later engine like the 0s up blue Loctite was used on ever bolt of a mack engine. 7L) Engine Kit is for 1996-2002 vehicles. Bolt the flywheel to the unit using six flywheel bolts. 9 diesel truck. At headbolts. Air Conditioning (A/C) Belt Idler Pulley Bolt. Cam Thrust Plate. 09 Ram 1500 Laramie, 94 Ford mustang, 03 HD Heritage softail, 08 Outlander xt 800, 08 Summit x 800r Mating the RTO-6610 to the Cummins 6BT required lots of new parts, but it’s all standard stuff. Image Unavailable. 9L, 1988 - Current ARP (146-2901) Flexplate Bolt Kit Once had a flywheel bolt back out so I now make sure that I use a bit of blue loctite on installation. 30 mm [0. I also plan on checking the bolts as part of the regular maintenance (it ain't THAT hard to pull the starter!). Page 144 Page 5 Section 5 – Maintenance Procedures CFP83 Series Intake clearance: 0. Best Rated in Automotive Performance Flywheel & Parts Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Automotive Performance Flywheel & Parts store. FREE Shipping. Torque the flywheel bolts to 102 N·m (75 ft·lb). 9L, ARP625 Custom Age (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: If your building a high horsepower engine you need to start with the strong foundation, ARP (Automotive Racing Products) is known for their quality fasteners. Serrated flange bolts primed with Loctite 7471 plus a liberal application of Loctite 266 should result in a reliable solution. Note the location of the part number sticker for reference. 788. 5 lbs. Torque the flywheel mounting bolts according to the engine or crank manufacturer’s instructions. Today they say you want the complete surface of the bolt making contact on the flywheel. 7 liters. The bellhousing we manufacture bolts to the Cummins 5. Home About Store –Complete Transmissions –The Wheel –Torque Converters –Transmission Accessories –Transmission Components –Ultra Components Distributors Contact. Mar 02, 2017 · Installing The 68rfe Adapter and flex plate in my 6. All content provided on this site is to be used as a suggestion only. ARP's FW bolts don't come with any type of washers. Tremec Conversion Kits. In the below picture you can  new flywheel-crankshaft bolts and torque them to. I had the rocker shafts off of that thing more times than I can count. Depending upon the car I sometimes use Loc Tite or a sealer on some flywheel bolts, some head bolts, etc as they may protrude into the crankcase or water jacket of the engine block. 00. That's why the fastener experts at ARP have developed special bolts that are far superior to OEM h Dodge Cummins 5. Jeremy-86 mustang SSP X CHP Unit # 3788-bone stock & staying that way-66 Mustang, bench seat car,8. is right. Re: How to extract a broken starter bolt from the block without removing the engine?? How difficul it is to remove the bolt without pulling the engine, or whether it can be done at all without turning the engine over on its side, will depend on two things: how much of the broken bolt is sticking out after you remove the starter, and how rusted in the stub of the bolt is. Generator and compressor mounting bracket mounting bolts A/C 36 ft. May 28, 2005 · I need to know what size and grade bolts are used to attach the flexplate to the crank and the torque converter to the flex plate. This is our kit for the Cummins to GM Chevy swap. Thinking of trying an ATI damper for a sb chevy to see if it will take some of the shake out of it at lower RPM's. The motor has a one piece rear main seal. Street Dual Disc. High-pressure oil pump drive gear mounting bolt 95 ft. 20 Torque Loctite® 242™ or 271™ OR Vibra-TITE™ 111 or 140 K=. We will compile this list in our spare time. Alternator Mounting Bolt and Nut 20-27 SI. cummins flywheel bolts loctite

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